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In addition to a comprehensive product line, we offer our clients a one-stop solution for their custom software development and data processing needs. We specialize in using state-of-the-art technology to create highly-scalable, easy-to-use, integrated and web-enabled applications that solve real and significant challenges that our customers face. We have created custom enterprise portals, have implemented complicated business rules, have solved major CRM challenges involving integration and automation of call centers, and have simplified advanced campaigns and database marketing initiatives.

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Benefits of Outsourcing to CampaignRunner


Some of the benefits of outsourcing your data analysis needs to CampaignRunner are listed below. Our professional services can assist you in a number of areas: create new segmentation, scoring and attrition models, implement and test those models, develop custom offers, compute advanced ROI models and integrate your existing systems to CampaignRunner. We are also available to share with you our expertise in CRM to help you in modeling, executing and testing your marketing campaigns and segmentation strategies for maximum ROI.

  • Increased Quality of Service
  • Reduced operating costs
  • Fixed expense on an as-used basis
  • Mitigate risks with our professional, timely, accurate analysis and results
  • More time to focus on your core strengths
  • Link your IT investments to your business requirements
  • Significantly reduce your IT staff overhead
  • No need to procure IT hardware/software resources
  • Eliminate your infrastructure costs against database upgrades, system changes, new technologies

Our Approach


We will work with you to facilitate the preparation, capture, and transfer of your data from various sources including your customer databases and data warehouses/datamarts. We will then take your analysis, scoring models, segmentation strategies and other instructions to develop custom packages and execute them against your data. Finally, we will deliver the results back to you in a variety of formats.

Throughout this process, we will keep you informed of test results and will keep you involved in a closed-loop cycle to better improve your results.

We will take care of all your IT outsourcing requirements relating to campaign management, database analysis and list processing needs.

Our outsourcing services are driven by quality management and customer's satisfaction. We keep our customers in the decision process with our timely, prompt, accurate feedback and results.

Whether you have ongoing outsourcing requirements or a one-off project, we will develop a solution to meet your goals for data accuracy, turnaround time, and cost.

Comprehensive Training Services


Whether it is marketing, databases, technologies, or portals, we have just the training course for you. We offer courses on our products, on database technologies and general marketing concepts. Our courses are designed for business users and incorporate real-world challenges that they face daily. We make sure that attendees learn how to solve their challenges without getting bogged down in low-level technical details. Our training is offered on-site. Courses are interactive and hands-on for ultimate flexibility and maximum benefit.

Please contact us for our training schedule, rates, and custom training opportunities designed to address your specific requirements.

Our current courses include the following:

  • CRU 100: CampaignRunner: Advanced Campaign Management

    Attendees will learn the basics of CampaignRunner user interface, how to create campaigns and graphs, how to create and configure decision elements, how to save and retrieve campaigns, etc. before moving onto advanced topics such as Data Flow Theory, Topological Orders, iFDN, advanced campaigns, complex segmentation strategies, team collaboration, repositories, XML, import/export, etc.

  • CRU 200: JobRunner: Enterprise Automation

    Attendees will master enterprise job automation using JobRunner. Some of the topics include the basics of job scheduling, the lifecycle of a job, creating tasks and combining them into jobs, different scheduling options, job activity reports, and server management.

  • CRU 300: ReportRunner: Creating Enterprise Dashboards

    Attendees will gain the skills to create custom report portals using ReportRunner. Topics include user management, access provisioning, dashboards, integration with CampaignRunner and other 3rd-party tools, server administration, etc.

  • CRU 400: ListRunner: Integrated List Management

    Attendees will master the techniques to manage their list rental processes and integration with their order management systems. This course is custom developed for each client. Please contact us for more information.

  • CRU 500: WebRunner:Creating Enterprise Portals

    Attendees will learn how to create a custom portals using the foundation provided by WebRunner. They will learn how to integrate various enterprise data sources, how to take advantage of the built-in technologies such as session and user management, how to create standard navigation techniques, etc.

  • CRU 600: SQL for Business Analysts

    This course teaches simple and effective ways to use databases and SQL to achieve business objectives. It is designed primarily for non-technical business users and marketing analysts. No previous knowledge of databases or SQL is needed. The focus is on how to be productive with the underlying databases and how to write effective SQL. This course can be customized to to cover any database or data warehouse platform.

  • CRU 700: Database Concepts for Business Analysts

    This course provides a firm understanding of the underlying database concepts and technologies. This is an ideal course to equip your technology staff with the knowledge they need to be effective information workers. This course can be customized to to cover any database or data warehouse platform.

See for yourself what we can do for you.