We Solve Enterprise Data Challenges

We're all about Data

We have a unique platform that makes simple work of the most complex data processing and management challenges for enterprises, regardless of the business domain. Our instant Federated Data Network (iFDN) brings all the data together, and CampaignRunner lets us easily slice and dice, merge and purge, load and save, etc. that data any which way. Did we mention the almost limitless range of protocols we support? Combined with the rest of our products like JobRunner and ReportRunner, it is no wonder that we have been used in diverse environments ranging from marketing to finance and from healthcare and bioinformatics.

Our innovative platform, our instant integration foundation and our singular focus on enterprise data management have enabled us to play important and critical roles in a number of application domains, and to make significant contributions from day one. Check out the domains listed below for more information.

See for yourself by talking to one our domain specialists about a topic of your interest or one of your challenges.