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Some feedback from our customers

At CampaignRunner, our customers come first. And we are proud that the feeling is mutual! Here is a small random selection of what our customers have said about us:

See for yourself what you will say about CampaignRunner.

I have been a power user of CampaignRunner for over four years now. In my experience with the CampaignRunner, as well as other Campaign Management Tools in my 10+ years in the industry, I continue to be impressed and pleasantly surprised by CampaignRunner. Installing CampaignRunner was a smooth and efficient process that took hours to set up and configure with a bare bones team in place. CampaignRunner has very low overhead and maintenance which enables myself and my team the ability to have multiple sessions open and execute many campaigns daily. From a human resources perspective, CampaignRunner enabled our company to hire employees with little technical background to execute marketing campaigns. The ability to create template and parameterized campaigns have enabled our team to be very lean and efficient. Once mastering the tool everything from data manipulation, rank ordering/decile creation, and advanced segmentation to email deployment, list creation, and table creation can be done proficiently. One of CampaignRunner's most impressive features that sets it apart from the competition is its ability to sit on top of currently existing data without having to predefine audience levels and specialized views/tables. CampaignRunner conforms to the data as opposed to having data conform to CampaignRunner. Another impressive feature is the level of customization within the tool. There are hundreds of preferences ranging from aesthetic node and color customizations to saving commonly used importing/exporting functions and commands. The most remarkable feature is its responsive customer service. They are always looking for ways to improve upon their software and are very welcoming of suggestions. I'm always amazed that most features are able to be implemented in days or weeks compared to quarters or years. I would highly recommend CampaignRunner to any prospective client whether it be a large corporation with millions of customers or a brand new startup looking to cut its teeth on database marketing.

It has been a pleasure to work with the team at CampaignRunner. While their products have exceeded our expectations, I have been consistently amazed by their eagerness to listen to our needs, analyze the situation and take immediate action. I have not seen such attention from any other vendor in my 20 years in the industry. They have saved the day for us more than once. I also value the way they stay in the background while supporting us with our own clients. I believe that CampaignRunner is a vendor genuinely interested in our own success.

CampaignRunner is by far the most powerful and universally flexible Database Marketing Campaign Management tool I have ever used. It's strengths also expand outside of campaign management. It is useful to gather preliminary counts, audits, waterfalls, reports, email notifications ,ect. The flexibilities are almost endless! Perfect for any company looking for an all-inclusive tool when partnering up with 3rd-party service providers.

I have been using CampaignRunner on a daily basis for the last 3 years. It has become an indispensable tool for me to perform my official responsibilities. It has enabled our company to elimininate a long-standing software vendor entirely. We have developed a better and more flexible solution with CampaignRunner in the form of a graph. I am now using CampaignRunner almost exclusively for creating reports and interfacing with email service providers.

We picked CampaignRunner as our campaign management tool after a 6-month long RFP process. While CampaignRunner seemed too good to be true on paper based on their answers, they were able to successfully demonstrate their capabilities with the demos using our then current requirements. Within the year, we also acquired ReportRunner and JobRunner. The training was very helpful and did not require technical skills. Our users love the way any graph they develop in CampaignRunner is automatically available in ReportRunner and JobRunner. This has enabled our team to automate dozens of jobs and significantly reduce our daily tasks. We have had very good experience with the customer service. Our feature requests have been implemented in the software at no additional cost.

As a system administrator and DBA, my duties include the installation and upgrade of any new software. My experience with CampaignRunner has been unique. The original installation was surprisingly simple and painless. The company makes the upgrades even simpler: all I do is click a button and their software takes care of all the rest by itself.

I am one of the main users of CampainRunner in our company. I really like the visual interface and how I can customize it. My managers are able to understand the campaign flow by simply looking at my work. CampaignRunner is incredibly flexible and it makes complex data analysis very easy. It runs fast and I can analyze our entire database anytime I need to. As a matter of fact, the IT support guys are still suprised by the things I can do without their help and I like the fact that I rarely need them anymore. The customer service is excellent. CampaignRunner is easily the best part of my job!

CampaignRunner has greatly simplified our campaign management processes. CampaignRunner allows to quickly run data analytics and create segments of arbitrary complexity. We also use it to interface with our service providers and to expedite reports to senior executives. CampaignRunner has indeed freed up our time for other tasks and has thus allowed us to be more proactive.

CampaignRunner has top notch professionals and an equally great platform. Their customer service is impeccable. Best of all, they are always willing to work with you regardless of the challenges and issues at hand. They are quick to respond to our emails and calls even after office hours to assist us with last minute questions and requests. The information they provide is always clear, relevant and to the point.

See for yourself what you will say about CampaignRunner.